Joe Liedtke and Steven connected when Live Video became a thing with the launch of Blab . they broadcast together and made the transition to Facebook Live.

Joe had already founded Indie Music Plus 

Indie Music Plus (IMP) was founded in August, 2015, with the mission to become the “Home of the Indie Musician”. Our aim is to provide the best services and creative solutions for Indie Artists worldwide. We highlight artists through our weekly FB Live Broadcast, YouTube videos, iTunes, Soundcloud, Dsound, Dtube, and blog reviews.
We have great passion for the emerging technology of livestreaming, blockchain and cryptocurrency, and we continue to find ways to bridge artists with the cutting edge. This is one of the reasons we feel we separate ourselves from other Indie Music platforms. In addition, we circulate all of our media content through our multi-faceted Social Media channels where our following has grown to over 250,000 Indie Music fans to date.
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United World Radio are proud to host the audio from Joe’s Live Facebook show Indie Music LIVE! The show co-host is Dave Werba